How I Work

This is a very gentle treatment, your body has had enough trauma and so this is a way of working that allows you and your body to relax during treatment, optimising healing (even for very old scars).

At the first appointment I take a detailed health and medical history, both about your scar, but also your general health and wellbeing…it is important that I understand all aspects of any emotions, physical restrictions, medication and other conditions that you may have, even if they don’t seem relevant.

Your story, especially if a lot has happened to you, is vital to your healing journey. Each person’s experience of injury, accident, pain is different to the next person, and this helps us work together. I ask a lot of questions and I listen without judgement, taking on board all that you share. I have completed the Mental Health First Aid (MFHA) course and a Trauma Awareness course, which means you are in a safe and confidential place.

During the treatment, I work with you every step of the way with clear communication, working gently around the scar, on the scar, I may massage deeper into muscles and tissue further away from the scar. I don’t even have to touch the scar if there is heightened sensitivity, over time sensations usually become more normal.

Each follow up appointment starts with a chat about how you are feeling that day, how you felt after the previous treatment and what you would like for that day’s session.

I provide aftercare advice which may include specific movements to help the body get moving again, creams or gels for hydration and/or self massage where I give clear and simple instructions. All this is specific to your individual requirements and some aspects may not be relevant to you.

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