Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be painful?

There should be no pain. If there is pain tell me and I will stop immediately. The techniques are gentle, light and focused but very effective. Sometimes what I do is imperceptible, other times you may feel sensations – reported by past clients as prickling, scratchy, mild electric shock-like, dull and all manner of interesting sensations that might even be felt in a different part of the body! The thing to remember is that this is your appointment and your body and if you dislike any of the sensations you experience tell me and I will stop.

How long is the appointment?

First appointments are 1 hour. This allows for a detailed consultation and to provide a treatment.

Follow up appointments can be from 20 minutes to 1 hour and will depend entirely on you and what we are working with. For example a larger more complex scar will probably need a full hour, but this will be discussed so that you are happy.

Frequency of visits will vary (weekly or every 2-3 weeks) depending on your specific situation and there is no detriment if sessions are further apart.

Number of sessions is again entirely dependent on your situation. I have treated some people only a couple of times and that was enough stimulate change. Other clients have had numerous sessions because there were complications with the surgery, healing or had multiple surgeries.

How much do you charge and how to pay?

1 hour appointments are £58 and shorter appointments are worked out pro-rata (e.g. 30 minutes will be £35). All first appointments are 1 hour.

I prefer bank transfer if possible, or cash (exact money please as I may not have change available). I don’t have a card machine.

Is there a cancellation policy?

At times appointments need to be changed or cancelled, which is absolutely fine and no reason needs to be given. Any changes or cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment will be charged at full price unless I am able to fill the slot, then there will be no charge. All missed appointments will be charged full rate.

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