“I came across Lynne’s website by chance while planning a trip to Alderney. The fact she worked on scars caught my eye. I was open minded to give it a try, not really expecting significant improvement. I have a scar in my cleavage area after surgery and follow up treatment for breast cancer. I am very self conscious of it in swim wear and certain clothing. Also, I have muscle tightness and weakness in my chest which easily becomes inflamed and restricts my breathing when exercising. I had become stuck in a rut of discomfort when exercising or moving too quickly, and I felt quite fed up about it.

Lynne carefully listened to my history and understood the anatomy of why I was in discomfort. She showed me a technique my partner can use when I am feeling tight across my chest. It really works and has made a huge difference to how I feel and move in everyday life. She also taught me the gentle scar work technique that I can do on myself. For such a gentle action it is quite remarkable how I feel the scar tissue softening under my finger tips. I continue to treat myself regularly and have seen some improvement. Possibly the bigger change is my continued gradual acceptance of my scar, which will always be visible, if not so pronounced as when I met Lynne.

I would recommend Lynne and her scar therapy to anyone. She is a caring, compassionate, intelligent healer.”

Rachel, Guernsey. June 2021


“Dear Lynne, Thank you for your weekly massage. It has changed my life helping with my gait and balance of general circulation. My Parkinson’s has remained much easier to manage now that I have no back pain. I will have to hope I can find another you when I leave the Island.”

Richard, June 2017.


“Lynne used her new scar work techniques on both my torso and knee which have several scars due to surgery in both areas. I am a regular sports massage client of Lynne’s but these techniques felt completely different. I am pleased to report that noticeable improvements were felt in both areas after one session. In the torso area, not only did the feel of restriction ease, but the scar looked different (better) too. The techniques around the knee created strange sensations where incisions for surgery had been made 5 years previously, and the next day getting down the stairs was a lot more comfortable !


Sometimes I wasn’t sure if Lynne was applying any pressure, I asked and she was, it transpires that the scar tissue had affected my nerve endings in that area, something you don’t realise until these subtle techniques are used. Thank you Lynne for your help, I’m sure these new techniques will really help many other clients :-)”

LH, November 2015


“I have been in extreme pain with a bad back for over 3 months after going on a long bike ride. I have seen many specialists and had an MRI scan to try to identify the problem with no success .After going to see Lynne at LR sports massage she identified the problem after the second visit and I am now pain free and on the road to recovery !!!!! can not thank you enough ,and will highly recommend you to all my friends , Thank you again David”

David, Company Owner, building industry, July 2015


“I felt more relaxed and prepared for my stints. I was also able to resolve any issues that I would have otherwise just pushed through without fixing them (my neck was stiff a few times when I arrived at the races) It was particularly useful for the longer races.

Good support for hydration and food that the team didn’t always have.”

Aaron Scott, Professional Racing Driver, AF Course, Sept 2014


Just to let you know I was able to complete the [100mile Leicestershire] Round in 22 hours and 41 minutes. I am fantastically pleased with this and very touched by all the support I had that enabled this to happen.

Thank you for your work on my legs – quite a dramatic transformation from 4 weeks previous when I came to a grinding halt at 22 miles. I experienced no real problems with my calves or thighs and was able to maintain a fluid running style to the finish.

I truly believe that without the corrective work to loosen up my soft tissues I would have not been able to get round so thank you once again.”

Jerry Wilkes, on completion of running the Leicestershire Round, 100 miles, August 2014


“As a personal trainer I lead an active lifestyle and am prone to the odd tight muscle, especially after taking part in events such as Tough Mudder and the London to Paris cycle!

Over the last two years of seeing Lynne she has been fantastic, successfully identifying and solving problems from back pain caused by tight chest muscles to an under active left glute!

Her friendly and professional nature coupled with her talent for identifying and fixing muscular problems means that I also have no hesitation in recommending Lynne to my clients, many of whom now see her regularly to help prevent potential injuries before they happen.

I can’t recommend Lynne highly enough.”

Ali Croft, Personal Trainer, May 2013


“Thank you for the work you did, I am really pleased with the Coventry Way result. Everything ‘clicked’ on the day and conditions were perfect. The therapy on my calves helped me adopt a smooth, efficient action and delayed the onset of tightness. It also seemed to allow the muscles to replenish energy which was an unexpected gain.”

Jerry Wilkes, Winner, Coventry Way 40 mile, April 2013


“Lynne’s sports massages have helped ease a long-standing problem in a short time. Here’s hoping that regular maintenance will keep things moving in the right direction. I will happily recommend her to similarly rickety bodies.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

John, Business owner and avid tennis player

November 13, 2012


“After the session I felt very relaxed and chilled out – you could pretty much have poured me out!

Immediately afterwards I noticed I felt I was standing up straighter, but it was the next day when I really noticed marked musculoskeletal changes. I found I could check my blind spot when driving much more easily than usual! I think the stiffness in my neck must have crept up on me quite insidiously as I just hadn’t noticed how much it was impeding my movement until I realised how well I could move afterwards.”

Sarah, Surgical Care Practitioner

August 10, 2012


“Lynne makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the room. As she talks to you and prepares for your sports massage, you can tell she really has an interest in not only what’s going on with your body, but in who you are. I explained to Lynne about what muscles I was having issues with and after a consultation she found an underlying issue in my legs which she spent the session working on and immediately afterwards felt a sense of ease in the pain. I have already booked my next appointment and will definitely be recommending her to my friends and family!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Daniel, amateur Thai Boxer & Hockey player

July 3, 2012


“Lynne’s personal style is open and engaging. She treats me like a human being and not a collection of symptoms. Her treatments are effective and have helped my right shoulder immensely and now she is helping me to get the best out of myself when cycling. I highly recommend Lynne to people I know.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Paul, Management Consultant and Cyclist

June 15, 2012


“My job means that I spend a lot of time in front of a computer or using my mouse. This means that I often have tight shoulders and pain in my right arm, even when I do have a good seating postion.

I was a little nervous as I went along to see Lynne, not really knowing what to expect. However, she immediately put me at ease and listened patiently as I explained my symptoms. She then knew exactly where to apply pressure and surprisingly it didn’t hurt too much either! At the time I could feel a difference in the muscles as she worked on them, but my arm and shoulder felt much easier the following day too.

She certainly knows her stuff and if you are suffering from computer work related aches and pains she is definitely the person to help and advise you.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Sarah, Virtual Assistant

April 5, 2012


“Lynne has now been working at Leicester Lions RFC since August 2011. The players at the club hold Lynne in high regard, they find her very approachable and her knowledge is second to none. Lynne never misses a session and has helped keep many players on the pitch since she has been at the club. As one of the coaches at Leicester Lions we are always kept up to date with where player’s injuries are at and when they should be able to train, which is obviously a massive help. I would advise anyone who is looking for good sports massage to contact Lynne.”

Jonathan Boden, coach, Leicester Lions Rugby Club, 2012


“Lynne has always listened to my comments re injury. She has been professional and is very knowledgeable sharing her knowledge and explaining techniques and why she uses them”.

Jane, amateur distance runner, 2012


“I felt relief afterwards. Felt comfortable that I was in competent hands”

G.E, Company Director, 2012


“A very beneficial massage, I am feeling much improved and will carry on with my sessions as I feel they are greatly helping with being able to go to the gym. Also lovely healing hands”

C.E, Company Director, 2012


“After treatment I always have better range of movement in the areas where Lynne has worked. Lynne is very knowledgeable on muscles and movement and answers any questions I have”

Paul, training for triathlon, 2011


“Lynne creates a calming atmosphere when being treated, allowing me to be more relaxed and her work to be more worthwhile. She listens very well to what my issues were and through my treatment definitely feel improved physically”

Andy, semi-pro footballer, 2011