May 29

LR Sports Massage is now Natural Flow Therapy!

For those of you who know and love LR Sports Massage, don’t worry, nothing much has changed in terms of what I do.

I realised that as my skills have evolved over time, and I have learned so much more about how the human body moves and responds to touch, I wanted to change my image to better reflect how and why I work the way I do.

Water is integral to the human body…the way our fascia works inside us, which could be thought of as a ‘flow’, relies on water and movement to stay flexible. In order to maintain ease of movement and get out, and stay out, of chronic pain, we all need to encourage flow and movement into our bodies.

The symbol in my logo is the Celtic symbol for water…Celtic because, although I wasn’t born in Scotland, part of me will always remain there having spent my formative years there. And water…well, I think I have explained that part already 🙂